Poetry Description:

This is a short poem of four lines, either rhymed or unrhymed. Sometimes it is a part of a larger poem.


Applications for History Class:

             This poem can be challenging for the students as they describe as much as they can about the historical person or subject being studied. It can be part of an art project or can be turned into a song, rap. It can lead to music and dance performances. It can even be used to create a Narrative poem.



Write four lines, either rhymed or unrhymed with conveys the information a subject. If it is rhymed, the rhyme scheme could be abab, abba, abcb, or aabb. It may contain many stanzas.




I live all day in Athens, a city that is Greek

We love our art and music; I must say that we are chic.

Our men vote in our government, we have a democracy

Our city is not far from the mighty Aegean Sea


We have a super navy, who spend their time in boats,

We love our grapes and olives, we love to eat our goats,

Athena is our goddess, or wisdom and of war,

We battle Persia and Sparta, two peoples we deplore.