Piggyback Poem


Poetry Description:

 A Piggy poem takes a familiar song or tune and changes the words to fit the subject being studied.


Applications for History Class:

            Piggyback poems can be sung or read as a group.


            Choose a familiar song or tune. Change the words so that they are about the subject being studied.




(Sung to the tune of ŌMy GuyĶ)


 No city-state can be as great as Athens (Athens)

 No other city can be as pretty as Athens (Athens)

 The father of democracy was Cleisthenes

 But our greatest leader was Pericles

 All men get to vote, while we eat our goat in Athens


No better-looking town can ever be found than Athens (Athens)

No foreign place can match the grace of Athens (Athens)

Aristotle, Plato and Socrates

Can talk all day about philosophy

ItÕs hard to be modest with Athena as our goddess in Athens


We teach our children to be smart

We teach them music, we teach them art

Most of our men are educated

But women have no rights and are segregated


No Persian invaders can be much greater than Athens (Athens)

No Spartan spear can instigate fear in Athens (Athens)

Our army and our navy are super-sized

And the Iliad and Odyssey we memorize

Both the body and mind are doing quite fine in Athens.

We spend our days watching dramatic plays in Athens.

We learn to speak so our minds wonÕt be weak in Athens.

Mythology is our theology in Athens

 IÕm telling you from the heart,

 I wonÕt be torn apart from Athens!