Person Poem

Poetry Description:

A person Poem is a ten-line poem that describes the personality of an individual. It follows a form, but still allows freedom. Each line may be adapted according to taste


Applications for History Class:

            This poem is good for describing a historical figure (biography).



Line 1            Names the person

Line 2            Describes the person using 4 adjectives

Line 3            The third line begins with “Friend of...” then lists 3 nouns
 that have a special relationship with the person.

Line 4            Begins with “Lover of....” then lists 3 objects, activities 
or other nouns.

Line 5            Begins with “Who feels...” then lists 3 emotions or one
 strongly felt belief.

Line 6            Begins with “Who needs...” then lists 3 needs of the

Line 7            Begins with “Who gives...” then lists something(s) that
 is given to others by the individual.

Line 8            Begins with “Who fears...” then gives a phrase explaining
 a fear or a list of several fears.

Line 9            Begins with “Who would like to ....” then gives a phrase
 explaining a dream or goal.

Line 10          Gives a word or phrase describing the person, preferably
 using a metaphor or comparison to an object or idea.




Religious, determined, Hebrew, ex-slave,

Friend of slaves, animals, children

Lover of freedom, hard work, God,

Who feels happiness, anger, sadness,

Who needs friends, family, God,

Who gives advice, encouragement, miracles,

Who fears slavery, ignorance, failure

Who would like to lead his people out of Egypt

A leader of Hebrews.