My Life Poem

Poetry Description:

This poem is a poem where the speaker is talking about his or her life. The speaker talks about his/her emotions, problems, dreams, experiences, or any other aspect of the person's life.
This poem is usually unrhymed.


Applications for History Class:

             This poem examines a historical period from the point of view of a person living during the time period. Students can begin to relate to people of the time as they describe life through the eyes of the person. It can be read to the class as a monologue or be accompanied by an illustration of the historical person.



Have the student imagine that he is a person living during the time period being studied. Have him write a poem from the point of view of the historical person. It should tell about the feelings and thoughts that the person has about himself or the events of the time. It should be at least ten lines long.




Digging, digging, digging in the earth

I dig a pit for the emperor's silent army

They will guard the tomb of Shi Huangdi

I suffer all day as a legalist society controls all actions

My brother died at the Great Wall

I, too, will meet death soon

I fight to hold back tears, my gods have left me

The emperor crushes us like ants beneath his sandles

I miss my family, my wife, my children.

Their memories keep me alive, for now

I will never see them again

I suffer and cry until the day I will meet my ancestors.