Memory Poem

Poetry Description:

            This is a poem that is told from the point of view an individual who is remembering an experience or event.


Applications for History Class:

            Have the students research a famous historical figure, then have the students write a poem from the point of view of the person, relating his own experiences or participation in an historical event.



Have the students’ research and “become” an historical figure. Writing as this person, the student will write a poem through his personas point of view about a famous historical event or experience. It may include what the person felt, thought, or did during this time. It may rhyme or be unrhymed, although unrhymed usually works best in this type of poem. This type of poem is especially good for using poetic techniques such as imagery, metaphor and simile. This poem can be acted out or recited as a monologue.




The tower above me rises like a proud mountain

Plants and flowers grow everywhere

Like medals on a warrior.

Step by step, plant by plant, tree by tree

Born from the strength of a king’s love.

It greets me.

Hail Nebuchadnezzar!

Oh beautiful wonder of the world.

I, a traveler have traveled far

To view this

 Magnificent structure.

The Hanging gardens

Of Babylon