ItŐs not easy...

Poetry Description:

This is a poem that tells about the sadness and/or happiness a personŐs life. The person tells of the problems he has, then tells about the good points.


Applications for History Class:

             This poem can be used to show the negatives and positives of a personŐs life. It can be used with a poster project, as a monologue, or even as a song.



 Read and discuss the poem or play the song, ŇBeinŐ Green,Ó by Joe Raposo (usually sung by Kermit the Frog). It is found on many Sesame Street and/or Muppet albums. 
Have the students compose a poem, rhymed or unrhymed, which begins with the words, ŇItŐs not easy....Ó This poem could be about oneŐs race, culture, gender, family position, personality or other conditions. Poems usually turn out better if they are serious, and from the heart. The poem, of course is about a person living during the period of history being studied.




ItŐs not easy being a scribe,

Studying all the time,

Learning how to make the clay just right,

Always making stylus after stylus,

Many people do not like me,

I work for the king,

I collect his taxes,

I am not wanted,

People avoid me

But writing is what I like to do,

When I see a symbols appear as I write,

In the soft clay,

It makes me feel good inside.

ItŐs not easy being a scribe,

Not being appreciated, respected, or loved,

But my hands can create ideas,

I can record the past and present

And make our people live forever.