Poetry Description:

A Diamante is a contrast poem. It shows the differences between to things or ideas. They do not have to be exact opposites.


Applications for History Class:

             A Diamante may be used to describe the differences between two people, concepts or ideas. It shows contrast and can be used to accompany two part posters, skits showing contrast, or two person dialogs.



1st line One noun

2nd line Two adjectives
 describing line one

3rd line Three Participles
 describing line one

4th line Two nouns describing line one, and two describing line seven

5th line Three Participles
 describing line seven

6th line Two Adjectives describing line seven

7th line One noun






Strict, powerful

Controlling, subjugating, dominating

rules, laws, schools, fairness

teaching, learning, caring

Honorable, obedient