Conversation Poem

Poetry Description:

            This poem is a conversation between two people. The last line each person says rhymes with the first line of the next personÕs response.


Applications for History Class:

             This poem is a good way to make a historical figure come to life. The students may want to act out these conversations or illustrate them.



Write a poem where two people are conversing about a subject.
 The first person should start with one line, then the second person writes an answer that rhymes with the first line. the second person then adds an additional line. The first person must respond with a rhyme, and then a new line. This continues until the end of the conversation.




Greg: Hi, King Tut.

How are you?

Tut: Not so good, I have the flu.

So whatÕs been happening at your land?

Greg: Nothing much, just farming in the sand.

           I see that you are not very old.

Tut: No, but because IÕm a pharaoh, I still have gold.

It will be buried with me when I die.

Greg: When that day comes, IÕm sure I will cry.

            Will you build a pyramid to astound?

Tut: No, these days pharaohs are buried underground.

            You wonÕt come and steal all my stuff?

Greg: Why not, IÕm sure you have enough!

But donÕt you worry, IÕm honest and true.

Tut:  IÕm glad to hear that or IÕd bury you, too!