A Poem of Inspiration

Poetry Description:

 This is a poem that will inspire, encourage, and motivate.


Applications for History Class:

            This poem can be performed as a speech or monologue. It can be used to show the personas of leaders as they lead their warriors into battle. It can also be adapted to be used as a political speech, or even as a lecture from an adult to a child.



            Write a poem that will inspire, encourage and motivate. This poem should be at least 10 lines long and may rhyme or not rhyme




Hear me, hear me

Oh mighty warriors of Persia

We march forward

Some to live

Some to die

All will be honored

We fight for our land

We fight for our king

We fight to conquer

Someday, our children will cheer

Our names will be sung

March forward

March onward

March bravely

To Victory!