Acrostic Poetry

 Poetry Description:

An Acrostic poem consists of one or more words following the letters of a word written vertically.


Applications for History Class:

             An Acrostic poem may be used to describe a person, place or event.

This is good as part of for a poster project or to accompany an art project.



Write the name of the object or idea being described vertically (this may be one word or several.) Using each letter, add words that describe the name. For beginners, one word may suffice, but for most students, several words or a phrase can be used for each line.




M        Means place between two rivers

E         Everyone wanted to farm there

S         Sumer was located here

O         Outstanding hanging gardens in Babylon

P         People invented the wheel

O         Often fought among themselves

T         The flooding provided silt

A         Assyrians were Brutal Warriors

M        Most women took care of homes

I           Invention of Cuneiform

A         A clay tablet and stylus were writing instruments.