ABC Poem


Poetry Description:

This is a variation of Acrostic poetry. A poem consisting of a word or words which follow an ordered part of the alphabet.
 For example, HIJKLM, is a section of the alphabet, so a word or words must follow each letter.


Applications For History Class

            This poem can be used to describe cultures, civilizations, events, people or places. It can be difficult, but if forces students to really think about what was learned. It should be part of a larger project such as a poster report or with artwork.



Write vertically a section of the alphabet, for example, LMNOP. The letter on each line is the first letter of a line of poetry. Any section of the alphabet may be used, or the letter order may be reversed, such as "TSRQPONML." The length of the poem is up to the poet or teacher. The vertical alphabet letters are removed when the poem is completed.


Sample: LMNOP


L         Living in Egypt

M        Mummy making

N         Now the pyramid is ready

O         Only serving the gods

P         Pharaoh treated with respect

Q         Quietly wrapping him up

R         Removing the organs

S         Silently closing the tomb

T         Treasures buried with him